It is not difficult to start a family business, but to make it last throughout generations

We know how challenging it is to lead a business from one generation to the next; How much personal commitment, time and skill is required to adapt a family business to change; And how difficult it is to reach consensus when it comes to understanding the business as part of the family wealth.

You may want to know why we know how difficult it is to pass a company from one generation to another? Because for the last 15 years our team has helped families overcome various hurdles within this field. They reach out to us, to finally get clarity for themselves, their family and their company as well.

Our role is that of a listener as much as that of a mediator. We are planners and consultants alike. Depending on what the family needs. The process is as individual as the problem with which they approach us. Our experience, however, shows that all of our clients have one thing in common: the fundamental willingness to enter into a dialogue with one another.

We can offer you:

  • Clarification of family strategic core issues
  • Agreement on generational and succession issues
  • Development of contractual framework
  • Accompany the implementation